Tailor-made Treatments

Respect for the individual forms the foundation of your treatment experience. Inspired by ancient traditions and personalized to your needs, our therapies are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to mind, body and soul. 

Auriculotherapy $39.00

The ear is a micro-system of the entire body. Hundreds of specific points represent other areas of the body. Ear seeds can help with PTSD, Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Vertigo, Tinnitus and more.

Stress & Pain Management Solutions


The Mini $49.00

This session focuses on stress reduction by focusing on the neck, back, shoulders and hips. It promotes relaxation, energy levels, and mood. with this stress break.

Physical therapist giving massage and st

Full body Stretch $69.00

This full body stretch session clears your mind and increase your flexibility. You’ll be rejuvenated as your tension melts away

Signature Massage



Signature Home Retreat 


Our most popular treatment. Let go of tension and pain and feel a greater sense of well-being, Our signature treatment consists of multiple massage styles integrated into your session. Helping you feel a true connection with your body, this session is completely tailored to your specific needs.

60 Minutes - $99.00

90 Minutes - $129.00

Massage Ad.jpg

Hand and Foot Massage $99

Imagine warm soft towels wrapped around your hands and feet – soothing muscle and joint pain, decreasing your Carpal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis discomfort.  

Reflexology Therapy

Spa Treatments

leg cups.jpeg

Cellulite Treatment $129

Another very popular treatment. It minimizes the appearance of cellulite on your hips and thighs.  Because cellulite is caused by hormones, diet and lifestyle, This treatment is designed to kick start managing unwanted cellulite and skin blemishes. Love your body!

Young Woman receives facial cupping mass

Facial Rejuvination $129

Your face is your first impression to the world.  This treatment minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around the eye's, nose, and mouth, as well as alleviate sinus congestion and pain. This treatment uses facial cupping which brings nutrients and oxygen rich blood into the area using light suction. The treatment also includes hot towels and your choice of a dermal lift collagen face mask or a stem cell anti-wrinkle face mask.